How to Make a Sploof Without Dryer Sheets?

To make a sploof without dryer sheets, use alternatives like activated charcoal or unscented toilet paper. Now, let’s explore some easy and effective ways to create a sploof without the need for dryer sheets.

A sploof is a homemade device used to reduce smoke and odor when smoking. While dryer sheets are a commonly used material, various alternatives can work just as well. By utilizing things like activated charcoal or unscented toilet paper, you can create a functional and odor-reducing sploof without relying on dryer sheets.

We will guide you through some simple methods to make a sploof without dryer sheets.

How to Make a Sploof Without Dryer Sheets


Materials Needed

Create a homemade sploof using items readily found in your home, without the need for dryer sheets. This simple and cost-effective solution provides an excellent way to effectively reduce odors.

Before you embark on making a sploof without dryer sheets, gather the following materials:

  1. Bottle Or Container:

    Look for a plastic bottle or container with a diameter large enough to allow easy airflow.

  2. Activated Carbon:

    Ensure you have activated carbon granules, which can be found at pet stores or online. This material helps filter out odors effectively.

  3. Rubber Band:

    A rubber band will be necessary to secure the cloth to the bottle or container.

  4. Pencil:

    You will need a pencil to poke holes at the bottom of the bottle or container, allowing air to pass through.

  5. Piece Of Cloth:

    Find a small piece of cloth, such as an old cotton T-shirt or a handkerchief, that can cover the open end of the bottle or container.

Once you have these materials at your disposal, you are ready to create your very own sploof without the need for dryer sheets. Let’s delve into the step-by-step process next!

How to Make a Sploof Without Dryer Sheets


Step-by-step Instructions

Learn how to make a sploof without dryer sheets with step-by-step instructions. Follow these easy guidelines to create your own sploof for odor control.

Step 1: Prepare The Container

Start by finding a container that is both lightweight and airtight. A plastic bottle, such as a soda bottle, works well for this purpose. Ensure the container is clean and dry before proceeding.

Step 2: Fill The Container With Activated Carbon

Activated carbon is the key ingredient for filtering out unwanted odors. You can easily find activated carbon at pet supply stores, as it is commonly used in fish tank filters. Carefully pour the activated carbon into the container, filling it about three-quarters of the way.

Step 3: Cover One End With Cloth

Now it’s time to cover one end of the container with a piece of cloth. Make sure the cloth you choose is porous enough to allow airflow but tight-knit enough to prevent activated carbon from escaping. Securely place the cloth over one end of the container, ensuring a snug fit.

Step 4: Secure The Cloth With A Rubber Band

To keep the cloth in place, wrap a rubber band around the container’s opening. Make sure the rubber band is tight enough to secure the cloth firmly, but not too tight that it obstructs airflow. This will create a seal and prevent any smoke from escaping.

Step 5: Poke Holes In The Container

Using a sharp object, such as a needle or pin, carefully poke several small holes in the container’s bottom. These holes will allow the smoke to pass through the activated carbon, effectively filtering out any unwanted odors. Be careful not to make the holes too large, as this may reduce the sploof’s effectiveness.

Step 6: Use The Sploof

Now that your DIY sploof is ready, it’s time to put it to use. Simply exhale your smoke through the open end of the container, allowing it to pass through the activated carbon and cloth before exiting through the holes in the container’s bottom. This ingenious homemade device will eliminate unwanted odors, providing a discreet and odor-free smoking experience.

How to Make a Sploof Without Dryer Sheets


Frequently Asked Questions Of How To Make A Sploof Without Dryer Sheets

What Is A Substitute For Sploof?

An alternative to using a Sploof is using a personal air purifier or an activated carbon filter.

How Do You Make An Effective Sploof?

To make an effective sploof, follow these steps: 1. Take an empty plastic bottle and cut off the bottom. 2. Stuff the bottle with dryer sheets. 3. Secure a dryer sheet over the open end with an elastic band. 4. Exhale smoke into the sploof, and the dryer sheets will filter out the odor.

5. Remember to replace the dryer sheets regularly for optimal effectiveness.

Can You Use Paper Towels For A Sploof?

Paper towels can be used for a Sploof.

Does A Diy Sploof Work?

Yes, a DIY sploof works effectively as a homemade device to reduce odors when exhaling smoke. It filters the smoke through activated carbon, eliminating the smell. However, it’s important to maintain and replace the filter regularly for optimal results.

How Can I Make A Homemade Sploof?

To make a homemade sploof, you can use a plastic bottle, activated charcoal, and a rubber band. Cut the bottom of the bottle, stuff it with activated charcoal, and secure a dryer sheet with a rubber band at the top.


To summarize, making a sploof without dryer sheets is a cost-effective and eco-friendly option. By using household items like activated carbon and a plastic bottle, you can effectively filter out the odor from your smoking activities. This DIY solution is simple and accessible to anyone, ensuring a discreet experience without the need for expensive commercial products.

Give it a try and enjoy a cleaner and fresher environment while indulging in your preferred activities.

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