LG Dryer Control Panel Not Working

Lg dryer control panel not working? Follow these troubleshooting steps for a quick fix.

When your Lg dryer control panel stops working, it can be frustrating. However, there are a few troubleshooting steps you can take before calling for professional help. First, check if the dryer is receiving power and the circuit breaker is not tripped.

Next, ensure that the control settings are properly set and the door is securely closed. Additionally, try resetting the control panel by unplugging the dryer for a few minutes and then plugging it back in. If none of these steps resolve the issue, it may be necessary to contact an authorized technician for further assistance.

What Is The Control Panel On An Lg Dryer?

What is the Control Panel on an LG Dryer?

The control panel on an LG dryer is the central hub that allows you to operate and customize the dryer’s settings and functions. It is a vital component that ensures your drying experience is convenient and efficient. Understanding the control panel and its various functions and features will enable you to make the most of your LG dryer and troubleshoot any issues that may arise.

Overview Of The Control Panel’s Functions And Features

The control panel on an LG dryer offers a range of functions and features that make it easy to use and tailor your drying cycles to your specific needs. Here is an overview of some key functions and features you’ll find on most LG dryers:


The control panel allows you to select the desired cycle for your laundry. You can choose from a variety of drying options, such as normal, delicate, or heavy-duty, depending on the fabric and care instructions. Additionally, you can adjust the drying time and temperature to further customize the cycle.

To ensure your clothes are dried to perfection, LG dryers feature sensor technology that detects the moisture level in the drum. This ensures that the dryer automatically stops once your laundry is dry, saving you time and energy. The control panel also includes a lint filter indicator that alerts you when it is time to clean the lint filter, a critical maintenance task for optimal dryer performance.


LG dryers come equipped with a variety of features designed to enhance your drying experience. These features include:

  • LED Display: The control panel features a clear, easy-to-read LED display that shows the selected cycle, drying time, and other relevant information.
  • Touch Controls: With touch-sensitive buttons, the control panel offers a sleek and modern user interface. Simply tap the desired options to adjust settings with ease.
  • Custom Programs: LG dryers often include specialized programs for specific items or fabrics, such as towels, sportswear, or baby clothes. These programs optimize the drying process for better results.
  • Smart Technology: Some LG dryers are equipped with smart technology, allowing you to control and monitor the dryer remotely through a smartphone app. This feature provides added convenience and flexibility.

Overall, the control panel on an LG dryer is packed with functions and features that make it user-friendly and efficient. Understanding the various options available to you will help you maximize your dryer’s capabilities while ensuring your laundry is dried to perfection every time.

Common Issues With The LG Dryer Control Panel

Dealing with a malfunctioning control panel on your LG dryer can be frustrating. When the control panel is not working properly, it can hinder your ability to operate the dryer effectively and efficiently. Understanding the common issues that can occur with the control panel is crucial in troubleshooting and resolving the problem.

Troubleshooting Common Problems With The Control Panel

If you’re experiencing issues with your LG dryer’s control panel, there are a few troubleshooting steps you can take to identify and potentially fix the problem:

  1. Check the power supply: Ensure that the dryer is properly plugged in and that there are no power outages or tripped circuit breakers. A lack of power can cause the control panel to become unresponsive.
  2. Reset the dryer: Unplug the dryer and wait for a few minutes before plugging it back in. This can reset the control panel and potentially resolve any temporary glitches.
  3. Examine the display: Look for error codes or error messages on the control panel display. These codes can provide valuable clues regarding the specific issue that needs to be addressed. Consult the user manual for a list of error codes and their corresponding solutions.
  4. Check for physical damage: Inspect the control panel for any visible damage, such as cracked or loose buttons, a broken display, or water damage. Physical damage can cause the control panel to malfunction and may require replacement parts or professional repair.
  5. Perform a factory reset: If none of the above solutions work, try performing a factory reset on the dryer’s control panel. This will restore the default settings and can potentially resolve any software-related issues.

How To Identify If The Control Panel Is Not Working?

If you’re unsure whether your LG dryer’s control panel is the source of the problem, here are a few signs to look out for:

  • Lack of response: Pressing buttons or changing settings on the control panel has no effect on the dryer’s operation.
  • Inconsistent display: The control panel display may flicker, show distorted graphics, or not display anything at all.
  • Error messages: The control panel may display error codes or error messages, indicating a specific issue that needs to be addressed.
  • Unusual noises: If you hear strange sounds coming from the control panel, such as buzzing or clicking, it may indicate a malfunction.

Possible Causes Of A Non-responsive Lg Dryer Control Panel

In this section, we will explore the potential causes of a non-responsive LG dryer control panel. If you are facing issues with your control panel not working, it can be frustrating and hinder your laundry routine. Understanding the possible causes can help you troubleshoot and resolve the issue efficiently.

Electrical Issues That May Affect The Control Panel’s Functionality

When it comes to a non-responsive control panel, one possible cause can be electrical issues. Electrical problems can prevent the control panel from functioning properly, leaving you unable to operate your LG dryer. Below are some common electrical issues that may impact the control panel:

  • Faulty power supply: Insufficient or unstable power supply can prevent the control panel from working properly. Ensure that the dryer is properly connected to a stable power source and check for any loose or damaged power cords. Additionally, you may want to consider testing the power outlet to ensure it is providing the correct voltage.
  • Circuit board malfunction: The control panel relies on the circuit board to process and relay commands. If the circuit board is faulty or damaged, it can result in a non-responsive control panel. It is recommended to consult a professional technician to diagnose and repair any circuit board issues.
  • Blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker: A blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker can disrupt the power supply to the control panel. Check the dryer’s fuse or circuit breaker to see if it needs to be replaced or reset, respectively.

Sensor Problems And Their Impact On The Control Panel

Another potential cause of a non-responsive control panel is sensor problems. LG dryers are equipped with various sensors that help monitor and control the drying process. If these sensors malfunction, it can affect the functionality of the control panel. Here are some sensor-related issues that may impact the control panel:

  1. Dirty or blocked sensor: Over time, lint and debris can accumulate on the sensors, disrupting their functionality. Cleaning the sensors regularly can help prevent any issues caused by dirt accumulation.
  2. Faulty moisture sensor: The moisture sensor detects the level of moisture in the dryer drum and adjusts the drying time accordingly. If the moisture sensor is faulty, it may provide inaccurate readings, leading to control panel issues. Contacting a professional technician to inspect and fix the moisture sensor may be necessary.
  3. Damaged temperature sensor: The temperature sensor ensures that the dryer operates at the correct temperature. A damaged temperature sensor can affect the control panel’s ability to regulate temperature settings accurately. If you suspect a faulty temperature sensor, it is advisable to seek professional assistance for repair or replacement.

By identifying and addressing these possible causes of a non-responsive LG dryer control panel, you can keep your dryer functioning optimally. If troubleshooting these issues does not resolve the problem, it is recommended to reach out to LG customer support or a qualified technician for further assistance.

Lg Dryer Control Panel Not Working

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Steps To Diagnose And Fix The Lg Dryer Control Panel

To diagnose and fix an LG dryer control panel that is not working, follow these steps. First, check the power source and ensure it is properly connected. Next, inspect the control panel for any visible damage or loose connections. If necessary, replace the control panel or seek professional assistance for further troubleshooting and repairs.

Step-by-step Guide To Troubleshoot And Fix Control Panel Issues

If you’re experiencing issues with your LG dryer control panel not working, there are several steps you can take to diagnose and fix the problem. By following these troubleshooting steps, you can save time and money by avoiding unnecessary repair calls.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you troubleshoot and fix the LG dryer control panel:

  1. Check the power supply: Make sure the dryer is properly plugged in and receiving power. Check the circuit breaker or fuse box to ensure there is power going to the dryer.
  2. Inspect the control panel for damage: Carefully examine the control panel for any visible signs of damage, such as cracks or loose connections. If you notice any damage, it may be causing the malfunction.
  3. Reset the control panel: Resetting the control panel can often resolve minor issues. To reset it, locate the “Power” button on the control panel and press and hold it for a few seconds until the dryer powers off. Wait a few moments, then press the “Power” button again to turn the dryer back on.
  4. Check the control lock feature: Some LG dryers have a control lock feature that can be inadvertently activated, causing the control panel to not respond. Look for a “Control Lock” or “Child Lock” button on the control panel and make sure it is not engaged.
  5. Verify the settings: Double-check that the dryer settings are properly configured. Ensure that the correct cycle, temperature, and other options are selected.
  6. Perform a factory reset: If all else fails, you can try performing a factory reset on the dryer. Consult your owner’s manual or the manufacturer’s website for specific instructions on how to do this. Keep in mind that a factory reset will erase any custom settings or preferences, so make sure to note them down before proceeding.
  7. Contact customer support: If none of the above steps resolved the issue, it may be necessary to contact LG customer support or schedule a repair service. They will be able to provide further assistance and guidance.

By following these steps, you can often troubleshoot and fix control panel issues with your LG dryer without the need for professional help. Remember to always prioritize safety and unplug the dryer before attempting any repairs or maintenance.

Professional Help For LG Dryer Control Panel Problems

When your LG dryer’s control panel stops working, it can be incredibly frustrating. This essential part of your appliance is responsible for managing the various settings and cycles, allowing you to efficiently dry your clothes. When you encounter issues with your LG dryer control panel, seeking professional help is often the best solution. Not only can a trained technician diagnose the problem accurately, but they can also provide effective repairs or replacements to get your dryer back in working order.

When To Seek Help From A Professional Technician?

If you’re experiencing difficulties with your LG dryer’s control panel, it’s essential to know when it’s time to call in a professional technician. While some minor issues can be easily resolved by following troubleshooting guides provided by the manufacturer, certain problems require the expertise of a trained specialist. Here are a few situations where seeking professional help is recommended:

  • The control panel is completely unresponsive, despite trying different troubleshooting steps.
  • Buttons on the control panel are not functioning correctly or are stuck.
  • The display screen shows error codes or inconsistent readings.
  • There are unusual sounds or smells coming from the control panel area.
  • Previous DIY attempts at fixing the control panel have been unsuccessful.

What To Expect During A Repair Or Replacement Process?

When you contact a professional technician for assistance with your LG dryer control panel problems, you can expect a systematic repair or replacement process to rectify the issue. Here’s what you can anticipate:

  1. The technician will thoroughly inspect the control panel and other related components to identify the root cause of the problem.
  2. Based on their assessment, they will provide you with a detailed explanation of the issue and the necessary repair or replacement options available.
  3. If a repair is feasible, the technician will skillfully carry out the needed fixes, ensuring your control panel is restored to proper functioning.
  4. In cases where a replacement is required, the technician will guide you through the process, highlighting compatible models and helping you choose the most suitable option.
  5. Once the repair or replacement is complete, the technician will test the control panel to ensure it’s working correctly.
  6. They will also provide maintenance tips and recommendations to prevent future control panel problems and maximize the lifespan of your LG dryer.

By seeking professional help for your LG dryer control panel problems, you can save yourself time, effort, and potential frustration. A trained technician will have the expertise necessary to diagnose the issue accurately and provide the most appropriate solutions, ensuring your control panel functions optimally.

Frequently Asked Questions Of Lg Dryer Control Panel Not Working

How Do I Reset My Lg Dryer Control Panel?

To reset your LG dryer control panel, follow these steps: 1. Make sure the dryer is powered off. 2. Press and hold the “POWER” button for 5 seconds. 3. Release the button when the display goes blank. 4. Wait for a few minutes for the panel to reset.

5. Turn on the dryer again and the control panel should be reset.

What Are The Symptoms Of A Bad Dryer Control Board?

Symptoms of a bad dryer control board include erratic or unresponsive operation, failure to heat or tumble, display or button malfunction, excessive noise, and error codes. Troubleshoot common issues like checking the power supply, thermal fuse, and door switch before replacing the control board.

How Do I Open The Control Panel On My Lg Dryer?

To open the control panel on your LG dryer, locate the panel usually found at the top or front of the appliance. Press the panel firmly to release the latch, then lift it up to access the controls. Make sure the dryer is turned off before doing this.

How Do I Reset The Thermal Switch On My LG dryer?

To reset the thermal switch on your LG dryer, locate the switch inside the dryer cabinet. Press the reset button on the switch until it clicks. Make sure the dryer is unplugged before attempting to reset the switch.

Why Is My Lg Dryer Control Panel Not Working?

The LG dryer control panel may not be working due to a power issue, a malfunctioning display, or a faulty control board.


Troubleshooting a malfunctioning LG dryer control panel can be a frustrating experience. However, with the tips and solutions discussed in this blog post, you can effectively address the issue. Remember to check for power supply problems, reset the control panel, and consider professional assistance if needed.

By following these steps, you can restore the functionality of your LG dryer control panel and get back to enjoying efficient and effective drying cycles.

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