LG Dryer D90 Fix! Exact Process!

To fix the LG D90 error on your dryer, clean the dryer’s vent and exhaust system. The LG D90 error is a common issue that many users face with their dryers.

When this error occurs, it indicates a blockage in the dryer’s vent or exhaust system, preventing proper air flow. This can lead to longer drying times, inefficient performance, and potential damage to the dryer. To resolve this problem, it is important to clean the dryer’s vent and exhaust system thoroughly.

This will remove any lint or debris that may be causing the blockage and restore the dryer to its normal functioning. We will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to fix the LG D90 error and ensure optimal dryer performance.

Understanding The LG Dryer D90 Code

The LG Dryer D90 Code indicates a potential issue with the dryer’s ventilation system. To fix this code, ensure that the dryer’s exhaust duct is not blocked or obstructed in any way.

If you’ve encountered the D90 error code on your LG dryer, you’re not alone. This code indicates that there is an issue with the dryer’s airflow, which can lead to inefficient drying and potential damage to your clothes. In this section, we will delve deeper into what the D90 error code means, the common causes behind it, and the symptoms you may observe.

What does the D90 error code mean?

The D90 error code on your LG dryer is an indicator that the airflow is restricted or not sufficient. This means that there is a blockage or a problem with the ventilation system, preventing the dryer from properly circulating the air. It’s important to address this issue promptly, as it can lead to longer drying times, overheating, and decreased dryer performance.

Common causes of the D90 error code

Several factors can contribute to the D90 error code on your LG dryer. Here are some common causes to consider:

1. Clogged lint filter: If the lint filter is full or blocked, it can obstruct the airflow, triggering the D90 error code. Regularly cleaning the lint filter is crucial to ensure proper airflow and prevent lint buildup.

2. Blocked venting system: A blocked venting system can result from a buildup of lint, debris, or even a small animal nest. This prevents the hot air from escaping the dryer efficiently. It’s important to inspect and clean the venting system regularly to eliminate any obstructions.

3. Damaged or crumpled ductwork: If the ductwork connected to your dryer is damaged, crumpled, or improperly installed, it can restrict the airflow and trigger the D90 error code. Ensure that the ductwork is properly maintained and free from any damage or restrictions.

Symptoms of the D90 error code

If you’re dealing with the D90 error code on your LG dryer, you may experience the following symptoms:

1. Extended drying time: The D90 error code can result in longer drying cycles, as the reduced airflow hampers the dryer’s ability to effectively remove moisture from your clothes.

2. Overheating: Inadequate airflow can cause the dryer’s internal temperature to rise, leading to overheating. This can not only damage the dryer but also pose a fire hazard.

3. Clothes not fully dry: If your clothes are consistently coming out damp or not fully dry after a cycle, it may be due to the restricted airflow caused by the D90 error code.

Taking immediate action to address the D90 error code is essential to prevent further damage and ensure your dryer operates at its best. In the next section, we will explore potential solutions and steps you can take to fix the D90 error code on your LG dryer.

Lg Dryer D90 Fix

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Fixing The LG Dryer D90 Error Code

If you own an LG dryer, you may encounter the dreaded D90 error code. This code indicates that your dryer is not functioning optimally due to a blockage in the dryer vent. But fear not! In this guide, we will delve into the various steps you can take to fix the LG Dryer D90 Error Code and get your dryer back up and running efficiently.

Checking For Obstructions In The Dryer Vent

The first step in fixing the D90 error code is to check for any obstructions in the dryer vent. A blocked vent can prevent proper airflow, causing the dryer to overheat and trigger the error code. To visually inspect the dryer vent, follow the steps below.

Steps To Visually Inspect The Dryer Vent

  1. Disconnect the dryer from the power source.
  2. Locate the dryer vent hood on the exterior of your home.
  3. Remove the vent cover and inspect the vent opening for any debris, lint, or other obstructions.
  4. If you notice any blockages, proceed to the next step to clear them.

Clearing Any Blockages In The Vent

If you find any blockages during your visual inspection, it is crucial to clear them to ensure proper airflow. Here’s how you can do it.

  1. Use a lint brush or a vacuum cleaner with a hose attachment to remove any accumulated lint or debris.
  2. Ensure that the entire length of the vent is clear from any obstructions.
  3. Once cleared, reattach the vent cover securely.

Cleaning The Lint Filter And Dryer Exhaust

Regular cleaning of the lint filter and dryer exhaust is essential for the smooth operation of your LG dryer. Neglecting this maintenance task can lead to the D90 error code. Let’s explore the importance of regular lint filters and exhaust cleaning.

Importance Of Regular Lint Filter And Exhaust Cleaning

Regular cleaning of the lint filter and dryer exhaust prevents lint buildup, which can block airflow and cause the dryer to overheat. It also improves energy efficiency, reduces drying time, and prolongs the lifespan of your dryer. Follow the proper cleaning techniques below to ensure effective maintenance.

Proper Cleaning Techniques For Lint Filter And Exhaust

  1. After each load, remove the lint from the lint filter. Rinse it with water and air-dry it thoroughly before putting it back.
  2. Periodically, use a dryer vent cleaning kit to remove lint buildup from the exhaust hose and the back of the dryer.
  3. Ensure that the exhaust vent outside your home is clear of any obstruction.

Ensuring Proper Installation Of The Dryer Vent

Proper installation of the dryer vent is crucial for optimal airflow and efficient drying. Incorrect installation can lead to the D90 error code. Here are some tips to ensure proper vent installation.

Tips For Proper Vent Installation

  • Use rigid metal venting instead of flexible ducts to minimize airflow restrictions.
  • Ensure the venting system is as short and straight as possible to maximize airflow.
  • Use vent clamps to secure the connections between the dryer and the venting system.
  • Keep a minimum distance of 4 inches between the dryer and the wall to avoid kinks in the vent hose.

Common Mistakes To Avoid During Installation

During the installation process, it’s important to avoid common mistakes that could hinder proper vent functionality. Here are some mistakes to steer clear of:

  • Avoid using plastic ducts, as they can easily collapse and restrict airflow.
  • Do not use screws inside the venting system as they can accumulate lint and create blockages.
  • Avoid long vent runs or excessive bends, as they can impede proper airflow.

Checking And Troubleshooting The Dryer’s Sensors

In some cases, the D90 error code may be triggered due to issues with the dryer’s sensors. Let’s explore the role of sensors in the dryer operation and the steps to check and troubleshoot them.

Understanding The Role Of Sensors In Dryer Operation

Sensors in dryers play a vital role in detecting moisture levels, temperature, and airflow. They ensure optimal drying performance and prevent overheating. If the sensors malfunction, it can trigger error codes like D90. Here’s how you can check and troubleshoot the sensors.

Steps To Check And Troubleshoot The Sensors

  1. Refer to the user manual or visit LG’s official website to locate the sensors in your specific LG dryer model.
  2. Inspect the sensors for any physical damage, loose connections, or debris buildup.
  3. Use a multimeter to test the sensors for proper functioning as per the manufacturer’s instructions. If necessary, replace any faulty sensors.

Contacting Lg Customer Support For Further Assistance

If you’ve followed all the steps above and are still experiencing the D90 error code on your LG dryer, it’s time to reach out to LG’s customer support for further assistance. Here’s how you can get in touch with them.

How To Reach Lg Customer Support?

To contact LG customer support, you have several options:

  1. Visit LG’s official website and navigate to the support section to access live chat, email, or phone support.
  2. Call LG’s toll-free customer service hotline 1-800-243-0000 for immediate assistance.

Information Required When Contacting Customer Support

Before contacting LG customer support, make sure you have the following information readily available:

  • Model and serial number of your LG dryer
  • Details of the D90 error code and the troubleshooting steps you have already taken
  • Purchase information (date and place of purchase)

Preventing Future Occurrences Of The Lg Dryer D90 Error Code

If you are tired of dealing with the frustrating LG Dryer D90 error code, it’s time to take proactive measures to prevent this issue from happening again. By implementing regular maintenance routines, educating household members on proper dryer usage, and following recommended maintenance schedules, you can ensure a smooth and error-free drying experience. In this blog post, we will explore various ways to prevent future occurrences of the LG Dryer D90 error code, helping you keep your laundry routine hassle-free.

Regular Maintenance And Cleaning Routines

Regular maintenance and cleaning are vital for the optimal performance of your LG dryer. Over time, lint, dust, and debris can accumulate in the dryer’s lint trap, vent system, and exhaust duct. Not only can this hamper the overall efficiency of the dryer, but it can also lead to the dreaded D90 error code. Make it a habit to clean the lint trap after each drying cycle and check the vent system and exhaust duct periodically for any blockages. This simple routine can go a long way in preventing the recurrence of the D90 error code and prolonging the lifespan of your LG dryer.

Importance Of Regular Dryer Maintenance

Regular dryer maintenance is not just about preventing the D90 error code, but also about ensuring smooth and efficient operation. Neglecting proper maintenance can result in decreased drying performance, longer drying times, and even potential safety hazards. By investing a little time and effort into regular maintenance, you can save yourself from the hassle of dealing with frustrating error codes and enjoy a dryer that works at its best.

Recommended Maintenance Schedule For Preventing D90 Error Code

To prevent the D90 error code and maintain optimal dryer performance, it is essential to follow a recommended maintenance schedule. The following table outlines general guidelines for regular maintenance tasks:

Task Frequency
Clean lint trap After each drying cycle
Check vent system and exhaust duct for blockages Every 6 months
Clean vent system and exhaust duct Once a year
Inspect dryer drum and seals Every 3 months
Clean dryer drum and seals Once a year

Educating Household Members On Proper Dryer Usage

Proper dryer usage is essential for preventing the D90 error code. Many times, this error occurs due to overloading the dryer or using improper settings. To avoid such issues, it is crucial to educate all household members on the correct usage of the LG dryer. Teach them the appropriate load size, how to select the right drying cycle, and how to properly organize the laundry to ensure efficient and error-free drying results.

Common Mistakes To Avoid When Using The Dryer

When it comes to preventing the D90 error code, it’s essential to avoid common mistakes that can trigger this issue. Here are a few common mistakes to steer clear of:

  • Overloading the dryer
  • Using the incorrect drying cycle
  • Neglecting to clean the lint trap regularly
  • Blocking the vent system or exhaust duct
  • Using the dryer with damaged or worn-out seals

Tips For Efficient And Safe Dryer Operation

To ensure efficient and safe operation of your LG dryer, consider the following tips:

  1. Always clean the lint trap after each drying cycle.
  2. Inspect and clean the vent system and exhaust duct regularly.
  3. Do not overload the dryer; follow the recommended load size.
  4. Select the appropriate drying cycle for the type of garments being dried.
  5. Avoid using the dryer with damaged or worn-out seals; replace them if needed.
  6. Ensure proper ventilation in the laundry area to prevent overheating.
  7. Do not leave the dryer unattended during operation.

Frequently Asked Questions Of Lg Dryer D90 Fix

How Do I Fix The D90 On My LG dryer?

To fix the d90 error on your LG dryer, follow these steps: 1. Ensure the dryer is not overloaded. 2. Check for a clogged exhaust vent and clean it if necessary. 3. Verify that the venting system meets the dryer’s requirements.

4. Make sure the dryer is properly installed and level. 5. If the error persists, contact LG customer support for further assistance.

Why Does My LG Dryer Say D90 But No Blockage?

Your LG dryer displays the d90 error code when it detects restricted airflow, even if there is no blockage. This could be due to a clogged vent or improper installation. Ensure proper ventilation and check for any obstructions to resolve the issue.

What Is The Code D80 And D90 On My Lg Dryer?

The code d80 or d90 on your LG dryer indicates an issue with the dryer’s exhaust flow. This could be due to a clogged vent or lint filter. Clean the vent and filter thoroughly, and ensure proper airflow to resolve the error code.

How Do You Reset The Flow Sensor On A Lg Dryer?

To reset the flow sensor on an LG dryer, follow these steps: Power off the dryer. Disconnect it from the power source. Wait for a few minutes. Reconnect the dryer to the power source. Turn on the dryer. The flow sensor will be reset.

How Do I Fix The Lg Dryer D90 Error Code?

To fix the LG dryer d90 error code, you can try checking the vent for blockages, cleaning the lint filter, and ensuring proper exhaust airflow.


Fixing the LG dryer D90 error is a simple process that can save you time and money. By following the troubleshooting steps mentioned in this blog post, you can easily identify and resolve the issue causing the D90 error. Remember to check the venting system, clean the lint filter, and ensure proper airflow.

With these steps, your LG dryer will be up and running efficiently in no time, making laundry day a breeze.

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