Will a Dryer Fit in a Rav4? – Unlocking the Cargo Conundrum!

No, not all dryers will fit in a Toyota RAV4. The suitability depends on the size of the dryer and the specific model of the RAV4. Compact or stackable dryers may fit with the rear seats folded down, but larger dryers might require a larger vehicle due to limited cargo space.

To ensure a proper fit, measure the dimensions of the dryer and the cargo area of your RAV4 before attempting transportation.

Understanding RAV4 Dimensions

A. Exterior dimensions

The RAV4, known for its compact design, boasts dimensions suitable for city driving and parking. Understanding these dimensions is essential for anyone considering transporting larger items, such as a dryer.

B. Cargo space specifications

While the RAV4 is compact, its cargo space is designed to be versatile. Knowing the exact specifications of the cargo area can help determine if a standard dryer can fit comfortably.

Standard Dryer Dimensions

A. Typical dimensions of a standard dryer

Standard dryers typically have specific dimensions that need to be considered. From height and width to depth, knowing the exact size of the appliance is crucial when contemplating its transportation in an RAV4.

B. Considerations for fitting a dryer in a vehicle

Apart from the dryer’s dimensions, factors like loading and unloading ease, potential damage, and safety considerations must be considered when attempting to fit a dryer in a vehicle.

Assessing RAV4 Cargo Space

A. Cargo area configuration

The configuration of the RAV4’s cargo area, including foldable seats and customizable space, plays a role in determining if a dryer can be accommodated.

B. Removing seats for additional space

For larger items, including appliances like dryers, removing seats may be a viable option to create more room. However, it’s essential to understand the implications and limitations of such modifications.

Tips for Fitting a Dryer in a RAV4

A. Measuring the dryer and cargo space

Precise measurements are key. Taking accurate dryer measurements and comparing them to the cargo space dimensions will help determine feasibility.

B. Utilizing folding and collapsible features

The RAV4’s design often includes features like folding seats and collapsible cargo space, providing additional room when needed. Leveraging these features can be instrumental in fitting a dryer.

RAV4 cargo-length seats down

The cargo length in a Toyota RAV4 with the seats folded down is approximately 73 inches. This measurement provides additional space for transporting longer items or accommodating larger cargo. It’s essential to consider this dimension when planning to transport items like furniture or appliances in the RAV4.

Will a dryer fit in a RAV4 2020?

Yes, a standard dryer can typically fit in a Toyota RAV4 2020 with the seats folded down. The cargo space in the RAV4 provides enough room for most compact or stackable dryers.

However, it’s recommended to measure the dimensions of the dryer and the cargo area to ensure a proper fit and to secure the appliance properly during transportation to prevent any damage.

2023 RAV4 hybrid problems

While the 2023 RAV4 Hybrid generally has good reviews for its cargo space, there are a few issues that some owners have reported:

1. Limited Cargo Space with Rear Seats Up:

  • Compared to some competitors, the 2023 RAV4 Hybrid offers 37.5 cubic feet of cargo space with the rear seats up. This isn’t terrible, but it’s not class-leading.
  • Some owners have found this space to be too small for their needs, especially if they frequently carry large items or have a family.

2. Cargo Floor Not Flat with Seats Folded:

  • When the rear seats are folded down, the cargo floor is not completely flat. This is due to a raised hump in the center of the floor where the battery pack is located.
  • This can make it difficult to load and unload large items, and it can also limit the amount of usable space.

3. Difficult Access to Rear Cargo Area:

  • The rear cargo area of the 2023 RAV4 Hybrid has a high liftgate opening, which can make it difficult to load and unload heavy items.
  • This is especially true for shorter people or those with mobility issues.

4. Cargo Area Not Well-Shaped:

The cargo area of the 2023 RAV4 Hybrid is not as well-shaped as some of its competitors. This can make it difficult to fit certain items, such as large boxes or luggage.

5. Limited Cargo Tie-Down Points:

The 2023 RAV4 Hybrid comes with a limited number of cargo tie-down points. This can make it difficult to secure cargo, especially if you are carrying large or heavy items.

Overall, the 2023 RAV4 Hybrid’s cargo space is adequate for most needs. However, if you need a lot of cargo space or frequently carry large items, you may want to consider a different SUV.

Will a dryer fit in a 4runner?

Yes, a standard dryer can fit in a Toyota 4Runner with the rear seats folded down. The 4Runner typically offers a larger cargo space compared to smaller vehicles, making it suitable for transporting appliances like dryers.

However, it’s advisable to measure the dimensions of the dryer and the cargo area to ensure a proper fit and to secure the appliance during transportation to prevent any damage.

Can a fridge fit in a rav4?

Yes, a compact or smaller-sized fridge can fit in a Toyota RAV4 with the rear seats folded down. The specific fit depends on the dimensions of the fridge and the cargo space available in the RAV4.

It’s crucial to measure both the fridge and the cargo area to ensure a secure fit and prevent any potential damage during transportation. Larger fridges may necessitate a larger vehicle for transportation due to space limitations in the RAV4.

Will a dishwasher fit in a rav4?

Yes, a standard dishwasher can fit in a Toyota RAV4 with the rear seats folded down. The RAV4’s cargo space is generally sufficient for transporting household appliances, but it’s essential to measure dimensions and secure the dishwasher properly to prevent damage during transportation.

Will a washer fit in an SUV?

Yes, a washer can fit in many SUVs, including the cargo space of some larger models, when the seats are folded down. It’s important to measure the dimensions of the washer and the SUV’s cargo area to ensure a proper fit.

Additionally, secure the washer properly during transportation to prevent any potential damage. Larger SUVs generally offer more space and flexibility for transporting appliances.


Can I fit any dryer in an RAV4?

Yes, with careful measurements and planning, it’s possible to fit a standard dryer in an RAV4

Are there weight restrictions for transporting appliances in an RAV4?

While there are no specific weight restrictions, it’s crucial to consider weight distribution and the impact on vehicle performance.

What are the potential risks of transporting a dryer in a vehicle?

Risks include potential damage to the dryer, impact on vehicle handling, and safety concerns if the appliance is not securely placed.

Should I remove the seats to create more cargo space?

Removing seats is an option, but owners should be aware of the implications, including the potential voiding of warranty and decreased passenger capacity.

Are there any aftermarket modifications to enhance cargo space in an RAV4?

While some aftermarket modifications exist, owners should exercise caution, as these may impact the vehicle’s safety and warranty.


In conclusion, fitting a dryer in an RAV4 requires careful consideration of dimensions, cargo space configuration, and safety measures. While it’s possible with the right planning, owners should weigh the risks and alternative solutions.

The key takeaway is that careful planning is essential when attempting to transport oversized items in an RAV4. By understanding the vehicle’s dimensions, cargo space, and safety considerations, owners can make informed decisions.

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