Will a Dryer Fit in a Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Most dryers will not fit into a Jeep Grand Cherokee due to their large size. Compact or disassembled units may have a chance.

Finding ways to transport large appliances can be a challenge when limited to the confines of a midsized SUV. The Jeep Grand Cherokee, a popular and versatile vehicle, offers a generous amount of cargo space considering its class, but when it comes to fitting a standard-sized dryer, the dimensions usually don’t line up.

Consumers transporting dryers must often consider alternative options, such as a trailer or delivery service. Before attempting the fit, it’s crucial to measure the cargo space available against the dryer’s size. Compact models or those that can be partially disassembled present the most feasible options for fitting into a Grand Cherokee. Safety and secure transport should always guide the decision-making process to avoid damage to both the appliance and the vehicle.

Introduction To Vehicle Cargo Capacity

Embarking on a shopping trip to equip your home with essential appliances can raise an interesting challenge: Will the item fit in your vehicle? This question is especially pertinent when considering large appliances like dryers. The cargo capacity of your vehicle determines what you can transport without resorting to delivery services. For Jeep Grand Cherokee owners, understanding your vehicle’s cargo space becomes crucial before making such large purchases.

Understanding The Jeep Grand Cherokee’s Space

Outfitted for adventure, the Jeep Grand Cherokee offers a substantial amount of cargo space, but is it enough for a dryer? Before you venture out to pick up your new appliance, let’s dive into the specifics. With the rear seats up, the Grand Cherokee boasts up to 36.3 cubic feet of space. You can expand this considerably by folding down the second-row seats, freeing up 68.3 cubic feet of cargo room. Given that a standard dryer typically measures about 27 inches in width, 25-28 inches in depth, and around 36 inches in height, examining these dimensions against your Jeep’s cargo area becomes a crucial step for a successful transport.

  • Standard Cargo Space: 36.3 cubic feet (seats up)
  • Maximum Cargo Space: 68.3 cubic feet (seats down)
  • Rear Seat Configuration: 60/40 split folding
  • Access Dimensions: Door apertures and liftoff heights

Importance Of Measuring For Large Appliances

Before heading out to the store, it’s not sufficient to merely know that your Grand Cherokee has ample space. Precise measurement of both your vehicle’s cargo area and the dryer is imperative. Every appliance comes with its unique dimensions, and variations in model sizes can be the difference between a snug fit and an impossible puzzle. Furthermore, considering the weight capacity is also vital, as heavy appliances could potentially damage the interior if loaded incorrectly.

  1. Double-check appliance dimensions against the available cargo space.
  2. Account for packaging that may add to the size of the dryer.
  3. Ensure the appliance’s weight does not exceed the vehicle’s payload capacity.
  4. Consider how you’ll secure the appliance for safe transport.
Jeep Grand Cherokee Dimension Measurements
Total Cargo Space (seats up) 36.3 cubic feet
Total Cargo Space (seats down) 68.3 cubic feet
Interior Width at Wheelhouse Approx. 40 inches
Maximum Payload Varies by model/year

Remember, successful appliance transport safeguards your vehicle’s interior and ensures the integrity of your new purchase. By taking the time to measure accurately, you ensure that the delivery of your dryer in your Jeep Grand Cherokee is smooth and hassle-free.

Will a Dryer Fit in a Jeep Grand Cherokee

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Analyzing The Dryer Dimensions

Will a Dryer Fit in a Jeep Grand Cherokee? Analyzing the Dryer Dimensions

Buying a new dryer can be exciting, but the prospect of transporting it home in a Jeep Grand Cherokee can lead to a puzzle many might not expect. Before heading to the appliance store, it’s crucial to analyze the size and dimensions of standard dryers. This knowledge can determine whether the appliance will fit in the cargo area of your vehicle.

Common Dryer Sizes and Dimensions

Common Dryer Sizes And Dimensions

Dryers come in a wide range of sizes, but there are common dimensions that most household models adhere to. Knowing these sizes helps in planning the transportation of the appliance.

Type Width Depth Height
Compact 24 in 24-26 in 33-34 in
Standard 27 in 28-34 in 36 in
Large Capacity 29 in 30-34 in 42-44 in

Special Considerations for Transporting Dryers

Special Considerations For Transporting Dryers

Transporting a dryer requires more than just knowing dimensions. Here are some considerations to ensure a smooth drive home with your new appliance:

  • Packaging: Always account for the extra inches of protective packaging when measuring your available space.
  • Orientation: Dryers are typically transported upright to prevent damage. Ensure the cargo space can accommodate this.
  • Securing the Load: It’s essential to have the necessary straps and materials to secure the appliance during transit.
  • Accessibility: Consider the accessibility of your vehicle’s cargo area. Will you need additional equipment to load and unload the appliance?
  • Vehicle Specifications: Lastly, check the Jeep Grand Cherokee‘s cargo dimensions, as models can vary in size.

Transporting A Dryer In A Jeep Grand Cherokee

Transporting a large appliance like a dryer can seem daunting, especially if you’re planning to use a vehicle like the Jeep Grand Cherokee. Is it possible to fit a dryer in there? The answer is yes, with the right preparation and technique. Below, find detailed instructions on how to safely transport a dryer in your Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Preparing The Grand Cherokee For Loading

Before attempting to load your dryer into the Grand Cherokee, prepare your vehicle to ensure a smooth and safe transport. Start by:

  • Folding down the rear seats: This maximizes the cargo space available.
  • Clearing the cargo area: Remove any objects that might obstruct loading or cause damage to the dryer.
  • Placing a protective covering: Use blankets or a tarp to protect the interior of your vehicle from scratches or dirt.

Step-by-step Guide To Loading A Dryer

With the Grand Cherokee ready, follow these steps to load the dryer:

  1. Measure the cargo space and the dryer to ensure it will fit.
  2. Open the hatch and, if possible, remove the rear cargo cover for additional clearance.
  3. Get assistance; never try to lift heavy appliances alone.
  4. Position the dryer close to the rear of the vehicle.
  5. Tilt and lift the dryer carefully into the cargo area. It’s vital to maintain balance and avoid sudden movements.
  6. Slide the dryer into place. Opt for the side that provides the most stability during transport.

Safety Tips And Securing The Load

To safely transport the dryer in your Jeep Grand Cherokee, follow these safety tips:

  • Secure the dryer properly: Use ratchet straps or bungee cords to anchor the appliance to the tie-down hooks in the cargo area.
  • Check that the dryer does not obstruct your view through the rear windshield.
  • Drive cautiously: Avoid sudden stops, sharp turns, or fast accelerations that could cause the dryer to shift.

By following these measures, you can be sure your dryer reaches its destination without incident.

Will a Dryer Fit in a Jeep Grand Cherokee

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Alternative Transport Solutions

Encountered the logistical puzzle of transporting a bulky item like a dryer? Discovering that a Jeep Grand Cherokee might not accommodate your new appliance is a common predicament. Yet, worry not, as various alternative transport solutions are available to ensure your dryer arrives safely at its destination. We’ll explore practical options for when your vehicle falls short of space.

When The Dryer Won’t Fit: What Are Your Options?

Should the dryer exceed the capacity of your Jeep Grand Cherokee, it’s essential to weigh the alternatives:

  • Rental Trucks: Secure a rental truck with sufficient space.
  • Delivery Service: Many stores offer delivery options for large appliances.
  • Borrowing: Ask friends or family with larger vehicles for assistance.
  • Trailer Attachment: If your Jeep has towing capabilities, renting a trailer might be a viable solution.

Professional Moving Services Vs. Diy

Deciding between a professional moving service and a DIY approach depends on various factors including time, cost, and effort. Here are the pros and cons of each option:

Professional Moving Service DIY Transport
  • Efficiency and speed
  • Less physical effort
  • Insurance and safety assurances
  • Cost savings
  • Flexible timing
  • Full control over the handling of your appliance

Professional services, while generally more expensive, can offer peace of mind with their expertise and insurance coverage. Self-transport saves money but demands a greater personal investment in terms of time and labor. Carefully assess your priorities to make the best choice for your needs.

Will a Dryer Fit in a Jeep Grand Cherokee

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Frequently Asked Questions On Will A Dryer Fit In A Jeep Grand Cherokee

Will A Dryer Fit In The Back Of A Jeep?

A dryer may fit in the back of a large Jeep model, but confirm both dryer and cargo space dimensions first. Smaller Jeep models may require alternative transportation methods for a dryer.

Can A Washer And Dryer Be Transported On Its Side?

Yes, a washer and dryer can be transported on its side, but ensure you secure moving parts and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines to prevent damage. Keep them upright when possible to avoid potential issues.

Will A Washer Fit In An Suv?

A standard washer may fit in larger SUVs with ample cargo space, but check the dimensions before attempting to transport. Always measure both the washer and your SUV’s interior to ensure compatibility.

Can You Install A Dryer Anywhere?

Dryers cannot be installed just anywhere; they require proper ventilation, power sources, and adherence to local building codes. Select a location near an exterior wall for easy venting and ensure electrical requirements are met.

Can Grand Cherokee Fit A Dryer?

A Jeep Grand Cherokee can typically accommodate a standard dryer in its cargo area with the rear seats folded down.


Transporting a dryer in your Jeep Grand Cherokee is indeed possible with the right preparation. Remember to measure both cargo space and appliance dimensions before attempting to load. Ensuring secure placement will prevent damage during transit. With seats down and a keen eye on spatial constraints, your Grand Cherokee proves to be a reliable transport companion for large appliances like dryers.

Drive safely!

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